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Color belongs to everyone. At Olympus Eye Associates, we are on a mission to give people with color blindness better access to visual information and a richer, more vivid experience of the world. We believe everyone can enjoy the full spectrum of color and of life.

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We believe that through physical exposure to richer color information, it's possible to develop and expand the visual processing centers in the brain. But, because everyone's brain and eyes are different, it can take some people longer than others to experience these effects. That's why we encourage each person to take the time to explore their individual experience with our glasses. With regular use across a variety of situations, Enchroma glasses can reveal more brilliant, vivid colors and also help our adaptable brains see and understand a more colorful world.

Eye Doctor Glasses Services in Salt Lake City

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David Dodds Lasik Doctor Salt Lake City / Murray

David W. Dodds, M.D.

B.S. Degree - Brigham Young University, 2007
M.D. Degree - Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, 2015
Residency: Saint Louis University Eye Institute, St. Louis, MO, 2015
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Stephen Brockbank Vision Doctor Salt Lake City / Murray

Stephen R. Brockbank, O.D.

B.A. Degree - University of Utah, 1995
O.D. Degree - Southern California College of Optometry, 2002
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